3 Sit-Stand Desks that are Totally Worth the Money Spent


Sit stand desks are the best and safest options to reduce all kinds of health problems that happen due to long sitting hours at the office. In fact, people who work remotely also suffer from muscular and postural issues. It’s because of the stagnant lifestyle that people end up developing acute and chronic conditions like neck pain, spondylitis, and shoulder strain. Some other more serious conditions that happen due to such a lifestyle include obesity, diabetes, and heart disorders due to increase in cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

As scary as it may sound, most young people are likely to suffer from such conditions. Which is why companies have started using the sit stand desk culture. 

Considering that these desks play a major role in health, we have made a list of 3 such desks that you can buy at prime cables at the best rates possible. Have a look! 

  1. Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Desk Frame

This is one of the best PrimeCables sit-stand desks since it is able to bear heavier load than many other desks. Some of its other noteworthy features include the following. 

  1. It’s height can be easily adjusted anywhere between 24.8 inches to 49.2 inches. 
  2. It also has a digital memory controller that you can use to save 3 memory presets that you find most comfortable according to your height.

Have a better look at many such features that this desk displays here,

  1. Sit Standing Desk Height Adjustable Ergo Riser

With vertical height adjustment up-to 15.5 inches, this sit standing desk has the following features that you must know about. 

  • It has as many as 22 height settings. 
  • Its top surface is 31.5 inches wide.
  • It has an additional bottom rack that can accommodate a full size keyboard and a mouse. 
  • It runs on a gas-spring lifting mechanism to switch between different height levels. 

Besides, the switch between height levels is entirely noise free. 

  1. Sit-Stand 2-Stage Single-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Desk

This is an electric height adjustable desk that is 45″ wide. Some of its best features are listed below. Have a look! 

  • It can be height adjusted between 28.7″ – 48″.
  • It’s 45″ wide. 
  • The adjustment speed between different height levels is 25 mm/s.
  • It can easily hold a weight as high as 70 kgs. 

These are our top 3 picks for the day. Do not forget to visit the prime cables website, to explore their entire collection of sit-stand desks. 

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