5 Ways To Give Your Web Site A Big-company Look And Feel


More than ever in this digital age, people are judging a book by its cover. Many business owners have big and creative ideas to offer, but their web designs feature a few mistakes that make many people dismiss them early. If you’re looking to attract top-quality customers, you need to show them that you’re an authentic business. How do you do this? By giving your website a big-company look and feel. Having your website designed by leading web designers like Webolutions web design Denver is one way to go about it. Below are five ways to keep in mind when creating your website.

Use a Professional Logo

Webolutions web design Denver might design an excellent website for your business, but if your logo is unprofessional and looks amateur, it might cost you many high-profile clients. You need to make sure a professional design your logo and not just one of your family members who have an idea. Many online platforms offer logo creation services; the quality of your logo can play a significant role in how people view your business.

Get A Unique Domain Name

Your website requires a domain name; it’s key to gaining the trust of prospective clients who will feel safer when your site has its domain name. Your domain name needs to reflect your brand rather than it being something generic. A domain name shows that you’re a real company and not a phony person out there.

Set Up a Professional Email

All big companies have a professional email address that they’re known for; it looks unprofessional and unserious when you use something like Once you get your domain name all set up for your website, Webolutions web design Denver can also help you create a professional email for you. Once you get a professional email, you can keep your private and official businesses separate and use the professional email on your website, cards, and many more.

Design a Professional Website

The best thing to do is to outsource your website to a top web designer. This is because you might mess it up unless you have a background in web design and have extensive training in HTML. Find prospective designers like Webolutions web design Denver who work with different businesses and inform them about your set budget. You can also ask for some web design samples of previous designs to gain an idea of what you want.

Add Your Contact Details

Would you feel comfortable buying from a company you’ve never heard of beforehand? Most times, people are skeptical about first-time purchases online. To alleviate worries, always add your contact information on every page. You can add your contact number and your email address to give your customers multiple options to reach you. If you’re adding a home address, avoid P.O. Box addresses. Big companies use real addresses; you can even use a toll-free number to sell the big-company look.

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