Beginner Guitars – Selection Criteria And The Right Choice


Guitars are complex as well as simple instruments at the same time. It depends on how you view it. Beginners are attracted by the amplification sound, electronic mixing, and other cosmetic features and end up making the wrong choice in selection. Selection is important for beginner guitars. Beginner guitars selected for a set of people might not work for another. What could be perfect for one person might not be suitable for another.

Why is beginner guitars selection complex? Every person is different in terms of wrists, finger thickness, body shape, height, musical taste. Some people prefer sitting and playing, and some prefer standing. The hand size also matters. The surroundings of playing the guitar matter a lot. The key point is beginner guitars must be easy to feel and play. It must be comfortable to play it with ease, else complacency will set in, and you will give up on it. Guitars also differ in terms of size, playability, shape, and sound. The criteria for the selection of beginner guitars are ease of use and playability. It should feel light on your hands and not feel like a burden. You should enjoy the feel of it to make melodious music out of it.

Guitars fall into two main categories – Acoustic and Electric guitars. In these, there could be many sub-divisions. Acoustic guitars classification by string type. The steel-stringed guitar and Nylon string guitar. Steel strings pegged in, and nylon strings looped. Electric guitars are of three types – Standard, semi-acoustic, and Bass guitars. Beginner guitars need playing without worrying about high decibel volume. Beginner guitars need playing in silence.

The best choice for beginner guitars is the steel-stringed acoustic guitar. What is the reason? Acoustic steel-stringed guitars have a single consistent tone. Electric guitars have so many permutations and combinations concerning sound. A beginner often will get confused and finally dejected from using guitars. The best way to learn is to graduate gradually from a single tone acoustic guitar, master it and then move on to the more complex electric guitars with various permutations and combinations. Electric guitars are best for advanced guitarists. They can play with the sound effects after mastering the single-tone acoustic guitar.

The best beginner guitars need to have the best feel, give good quality sound, and fit in your budget. Beginner guitars need to have a great feel. It takes precedence over the sound. Once the feel is good, the sound will always follow. You will never produce quality sound if the guitar feels in your hands is uncomfortable.

Choices for best beginner guitars are Fender CD-60S All Mahogany Acoustic guitar, Yamaha LL6 ARE, Epiphone Hummingbird Pro, Taylor GS mini, Yamaha FG 800, Ibanez AW54CE, Martin Lx1E Little Martin, Epiphone DR100, Seagull S6, and many more.

Small size is preferable for beginner guitars with the feel and sound quality. Become an expert in single tone and then graduate to more complex electric beginner guitars. Last but not least. Always try the guitar before buying it.

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