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At the age of 24, Alejandro Mendieta Blanco (Alex) won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award, which most entrepreneurs’ dream of winning and adding to their trophy room. Since then, a decade has passed, and it is time to know what the now 34-year-old Alex is up to.

Ups and Downs in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Alex Mendieta left his home and came to Australia, a completely foreign land, at the age of 16, when most teenagers enjoy protecting their homes. Not knowing English and not knowing anyone in a foreign land, his painstaking hard work and dedication towards his goals paid off and has made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our times. He doesn’t understand struggle would be a gross injustice to the challenges and tough times he faced from the age of 16.

When asked about those days in an interview conducted by magazine, he firmly replied that he wouldn’t change a single thing about those times as it made him tough as nails and allowed him to appreciate whatever he is blessed with today. He further says that whenever he is faced with a challenge that seems big in today’s times, he reminds himself of all those times, which makes him realise that he has no real problems.

Alex was never born with a silver spoon in his mouth nor overly protected by his parents. He grew up watching his family face financial crunches and made up his mind to earn a lot of money and become rich.

Your Struggle Leads to Your Victory

In today’s times, social media show only the glamour quotient in the line of business, which influences young entrepreneurs. They do not show the sheer hard work and dedication towards one’s work that goes into becoming a successful entrepreneur. Young entrepreneurs should memorize that the harder you struggle, the sweeter will the victory. No victory is without any struggle. After talking to fifteen different successful entrepreneurs, we have realised that one thing that is common among them is their determination to become successful in life. This determination helps them overcome every obstacle in their life and become who they are now.

Becoming Rich

We are all familiar with the quote, which reads, “getting rich, it’s easy, but staying rich is not.” However, in an interview conducted by Men’s Health, Alex completely opposes this quote. He said, “if becoming rich was easy, everyone would

be rich.” He then goes on to explain his point of view “I don’t think getting rich its easy at all, and by that I’d like to stress the point that just because you know someone that made some money and lost it and never got back up again, they do not classify as rich! That was merely a lucky accident. In real, rich person has a mindset and a set of skills that the poor simply don’t possess, and because of that they can survive and thrive any ups and downs life throws at us”.

Alex Mendieta- 10 Years Down the Line

A decade is a long time, and a person is bound to go through changes. Similarly, Alex has ditched his motto of work hard and no fun and adopted his new motto of “work hard and play hard.” He also enjoys a very flamboyant lifestyle, which makes many people jealous. In one of his interviews by OK, titled – “Interview with the Colombian Playboy,” Alex says that there is no point in making so much money when you cannot enjoy it. He further adds, “Some years back… and it hit me like a slap on the face, I was very rich, but I found myself unhappy. I had spent all of my short life just working! And completely neglected to enjoy life. So I went back to the drawing board and figured out I could not just work hard but also play hard. So I rearranged my work times where now I can work 70 hours weeks and still party my ass off and do tons of fun enjoyable things.”

Well, only the future can tell us what all is in store for our very own flamboyant Columbian!

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