Choosing a commercial architectural practice: Factors that matter!

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Regardless of whether your next project is an office building, or a distribution center, the right commercial architectural practice can make a big difference to your project. The good news is there are many firms around, at least in Montreal, but not every company is the same. Firms like architecte commercial Stendel Reich have the expertise, experience, and capabilities to deliver on projects, including complicated ones, such as data centers. In this post, let’s discuss more on the factors that matter in selecting a commercial architectural practice.

Go local

No matter how promising online communication may seem, you need a firm that’s local, accessible, and has an office that’s reachable. There would be many meetings before a project or design is approved, and you need to meet the team that’s working on the actual drawings. 

Experience counts

Another key aspect to consider is the experience of the architectural firm. Do they deal in commercial projects only? What are some of their best designs? Are they open to discussing their clientele and work they have done so far? Which industries and niches do they serve? These are just some of the basic questions you need to ask, and when needed, get references too. 

Aligning expertise

Just because an architectural practice deals in commercial projects doesn’t mean that they are suited for your design and project needs. Find a firm that has the expertise for sure, but they should be able to align the expertise with your expectations. Developers and builders often prefer to hire architectural firms early on, so that they can get advice on all the relevant aspects, including selecting of site. 

Share your challenges

When you discuss things with a team of commercial architects, you have to let them know the inherent challenges of your project. That’s the best way to judge their abilities and work experience as a team. You have to be very specific with your requirements and what’s expected of the architectural firm. Allow them to convince you of the work they are about to do for your business, to the extent of your understanding. 

Finally, seek solutions. It is more about collaboration, rather than a client-business relationship, and therefore, find an architectural firm that is around to discuss things, take the work ahead in a more collective manner. You can always choose to talk to three or four firms, but select one that has a good profile of work.

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