Granite vs Quartz Countertops


It goes without saying that both granite and quartz are extremely lucrative options to go for when planning on adding a countertop in your kitchen and bathrooms. The two are equally durable and strong. The varieties and colors in both are also equally appealing. However one among the two beats the other in a few aspects for sure. We at Granite au Sommet provide countertops built out of granite, marble, and quartz. 

Few key factors to consider:

  • Heat resistance

Granite is formed under intense heat and hence can withstand high-temperature ranges. Kitchen countertops should have this quality as hot pans or hot utensils should not crack or damage the countertops in any way. On the other hand, quartz is not very good at handling high temperatures. It’s components and resins melt at high temperatures, which will damage your kitchen countertops.

  • Scratch resistance & repair capacity

The resins and building materials in quartz which make it vulnerable to heat adaptability make it more susceptible to scratches as well. Although it is generally immune to scratches, on rough use, it is more likely to have scratches because of utensils and cutlery. On the other hand, granite is extremely durable, you can cut your vegetables directly on the countertops and no marks will be left. 

When unfortunate accidents take place,the repair rate is very important.  Granite chips can easily be repaired by repair kits, whereas quartz chips are very difficult to repair and cause permanent damage.

  • Stain resistance & maintenance

Granite is a natural stone and relatively porous, hence more prone to catching stains. This can only be prevented by re-sealing the countertop atleast once in a year. Quartz being an engineered man-made stone has non-porous characteristics and hence is not prone to stains. However these resins because the scratch and temperature resistance capacity to be low. So all in all it cancels out the benefits.

  • Cost & environment friendliness 

Cost is a very crucial element when purchasing any kind of item. Same is the case with countertops. Granite is far cheaper as compared to quartz and lasts longer as well. Granite being a natural stone it is eco-friendly as well. On the other hand quartz is expensive as well as fades easily under the sun. 

Weigh your pros & cons and only then proceed forward with selecting the right material for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. We at Granite au Sommet only believe in providing you with the best options.

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