How Challenging It Is for Auto Transport Company to Ship a Salvaged Car?


Your car is totaled, but your policy will reimburse for a replacement. The concern is what to do with the scrap metal pile as you have to get it disposed of. You cannot drive it to the closest junkyard or wait for the weekly trash pickup. Fortunately, you can book an auto transport company to help you ship the non-working car.

The unsalvageable car means your car is totally a wreck and is not in a repairable condition post-accident. It means spending on a replacement car is worth instead of the repair costs. Insurance companies are well-aware that even if the heavily damaged car gets repaired its lifespan will be short or is less reliable on the road.

Your insurer will declare your vehicle unsalvageable and issue a payout. The insurance company will sell the totaled car to the salvage yard. However, the car owner can buy the totaled car from the insurance company to have it repaired or sell its parts. You can pay the insurance company the amount a scrap yard would pay. Now, you will need to car Transport Company to ship the salvaged car to a specific destination.

When you look for salvage cars auto transportthen Ship a Car, Inc. can be your best option. Shipping of salvage cars needs special equipment and skills, which the SAC team has. The poor condition of the damaged car makes it challenging to transport, therefore many car shipping companies don’t offer this service.

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Non-operable cars need special handling

If the salvage car is non-operable then it is loaded on a transporter, driven on the carrier, and secured properly. If the wheels of the car got damaged beyond repairs, then there will be a need for a forklift. If the car cannot brake, steer, or roll then a longer forklift will be needed to load. Vehicle functionality issues need expert handling and special equipment; which SAC can offer.

The salvage car transport company needs a high level of insurance as transporting a totaled car that is not fully intact means an extra responsibility. The transport drivers are competent to secure loose parts of the vehicle but if the part gets lost during transit then they cannot be held responsible.

Forklift allows a totaled car to get loaded on the carrier, which doesn’t mean that the same kind of equipment is available at the final destination for unloading. The auto shipping company may offer unloading equipment like winches, tow trucks, and trailers but if they don’t then you will need to rent a wrecker or a tow truck to unload the non-operable or the totaled vehicle at the final destination. Unloading carefully ensures that the car does not get more damaged and it even protects the carrier because improper unloading damages can get costly.

Inoperable car shipping is pricey

Just like any other moves, inoperable or salvage car transportation price gets based on the location of pickup & delivery, distance, vehicle size, carrier type, and difficulty level. You can expect to pay $ 100 more than shipping an operable car but can increases if the car sustained structural damage making it hard to fit over a standard flatbed.

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