How To Install A Linear Drain


In work or renovation, you have to make a series of options with various items to be purchased to leave our house the way we want. After all, there are so many articles that we have to pay the utmost attention to so that nothing is left out. One of the increasingly present elements at this time is the linear drain – widely used in bathrooms, it should be installed by a top plumbing company to avoid issues.

What Is A Linear Drain? 

It is a drain used for draining water, installed in bathrooms, home repiping, balconies, backyards, pool areas, and other spaces in residence. Its main differential is the modern style, different from conventional drains.

It is found in various dimensions, such as 90 cm or 1.30 m in length, having a narrow width. However, some manufacturers already offer other sizes that fit the most varied needs of the projects. Also, they can be cut to adapt to the location where they will be installed.

The Benefits Of The Linear Drain

Choosing the linear drain has some essential advantages. Check out the main ones:

  • guarantees more excellent safety: it does not bend and break, as with conventional drains;
  • better water flow: water flows in greater volume and faster;
  • aesthetics: visually, it is a modern measure. Also, it is much easier to clean. A lid, usually made of simple stainless steel and a seamless base, prevents residues from accumulating and becoming difficult to remove. The grid that retains debris prevents clogging and a foul smell from the pipe;
  • faster installation: in the standard drain, the settler will need to calculate four water flow angles. In the case of the linear drain, you will only have to calculate two angles;
  • practicality in cleaning.

Steps To Install The Linear Drain In A Bathroom

  • The mason must cut the subfloor to fit or accommodate the linear drain;
  • then, it will turn on the siphon box that already exists in the box;
  • you must redo the water trim to ensure optimal flow;
  • finally, finish the floor carefully, taking the necessary precautions so that the height does not exceed the drain level.

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