Introduction to the French bulldog breed


The French bulldog is charming, intelligent and has a sense of humor. He loves to play and entertain his family, as well as spending his time relaxing on the couch with his favorite person. It is pleasant, sweet and loves to attract attention. All that enthusiasm and calm attitude is also taken to the training sessions, as they are intelligent dogs and their training can be easy as long as it is fun. They are free-thinking dogs, somewhat stubborn, and are not an ideal breed to compete in agility or obedience.

French Bulldogs are kind companions who love human contact. Sometimes they are even very attached to their owners, which do not make it the best choice for those who tend to be away for long hours every day. This also means that Frenchie dog cannot live isolated in the garden or kennel, but always indoors as a member of the family. Therefore, it is the type of dog that needs a lot of love from its family or its owner.

French bulldog Appearance

The Frenchie is a small companion dog. All parts of it are proportional. Its head is square, large with the top of the skull straight between the ears and a rounded forehead. The snout is wide and deep with cheeks and a well-defined and prominent stop with a black nose, which can be clearer in lighter dogs. The upper lips fall on the lower ones, the teeth close in “under bite” and the lower jaw is square and deep. Their round, prominent eyes are turned away from each other and dark. His “bat” ears are erect, wide at the base, tapering in a triangular shape to the ends, lending him an attentive expression.

Its neck is thick and well arched, with loose skin on the throat. Its back is strong, short and broad at the shoulders, with well developed ribs, forming the design of a pear. The front legs are robust, well muscled, and well separated, with medium feet, compact and firmly planted. And the hind legs are longer than the forelegs, so your rump is higher above your shoulders. The tail is straight or screwed, short, low and thick at the base. Its coat is short, soft, shiny and fine. The skin is loose, forming wrinkles around the head and shoulders, with a soft texture. Colors can be mottled with white, cream, brown, white, black, gray, and may have a mask, and marks.

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