Now You Can Watch Telugu Movie ‘Sahasam’ for free.


The OTT platform has been a great source for watching movies in the best HD Quality. All the latest and in-demand released movies and shows are found on these platforms. One such OTT Streaming Platform is aha. With a wide range of movies and web series, the OTT Platform has all the latest South Indian movies releases. Most OTT streaming platforms require you to get paid subscriptions for viewing HD quality content. AHA lets viewers watch the Telugu film Sahasam without a subscription.


Written and Directed by Chandra SekharYeleti with Radha Krishna Kumar’s dialogues, Sahasam is a Telugu action-adventure film. Starring Gopichand and TapseePannu in lead roles while Shakti Kapoor, Ali, and ParuGambhir support roles. Sri Kommineni did the film score, and ShamdatSainudeen worked as the Cinematographer. The film was jointly produced by Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra and Reliance entertainment and was released on 12 July 2013. Opening to favorable reviews from critics, the film was a commercial success.


Cited as one of the best Telegu adventure films, Sahasam deals with many action sequences and adventure, which adds freshness to the entertainment-packed industry. Moving with something new and executing it very well are two different things, and Chandra SekharYeleti should be lauded for his perfect execution of both. The movie narrates the story of Gautam, who is desperately trying to make big bucks. He is the kind who would work hard to earn his money and would never steal.

One day he comes across an old diary which belonged to his Grandfather, in his house. He soon finds that his Grandfather hid his treasure worth 900 diamonds in a cave located in what is now Pakistan during the Partition. He meets Sreenidhi, a happy-go-lucky girl who is an ardent Hindu devotee. She becomes his ticket to the Hinglaj Maja Temple to attain his inheritance. The plot centers on Gautam’s journey and the obstacles he faces from a dreaded terrorist Sultan, who wants to treasure himself.

Yeleti stays true to the genre and adds the usual aspects – an underdog hero, a warlord villain, exaggerated treasurer, obscure clues, a map, chase sequences, and a pretty lady. His commitment to making a film in an almost extinct genre in the Telugu industry deserves laud and praise.

With the visual effects, staggering cave scenes, and cinematography, Sahasam visually appeals to the eye, but the plot falls short on the thrill and adventure quotient.

Sahasam is one of those films which have added new trends in Telugu cinema. Deviating from mere entertainment-based movies and adding plot fillers for the sake of commercial elements, Yeleti has resurfaced a genre that is filled in our storybooks and comics. Sahasam is impressive and well made, and if you want to watch technically brilliant Telugu movies free this weekend, Sahasam should pique your interest.

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