Processing Approach to Seamless Steel Pipe

  1. Grinding of seamless steel pipe nozzles: Position grinder should know about polish the plastic coating inside the nozzle after cutting. The primary reason should be to avoid melting or burning the plastic coating to destroy the pipeline during flange welding. Using position grinder to sand the plastic layer within the nozzle.

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  1. Plastic coating of seamless steel pipe: After grinding, use oxygen and C2H2 to heat the nozzle across the outdoors within the pipe. When the internal plastic layer part is melted, the technical worker uses the prepared plastic powder for that nozzle evenly. It should be noted that it must be found in every position, along with the flange needs to be colored inside the waterline. This method should strictly control the heating temperature. When the weather conditions are excessive, bubbles will most likely be generated with the coating process. When the temperatures are not enought, the plastic powder won’t melt completely with the coating process. Layer peeling phenomenon, and lastly the seamless steel pipe area of the pipeline was corroded and broken.
  1. Seamless steel pipe cutting: Using the actual entire pipeline, the pipe must be cut getting metallic saw along with a toothless saw. Whenever using water welding within the cutting process, there should be a burglar approach to the recycleables. When cutting, the fireside-resistant as well as heat-resistant materials should participate baffles inside the leads to the fracture capture the sparks and hot iron beans falling with the cutting to protect the recycleablesThe very first plastic layer.

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4.Seamless steel pipe connection: Carrying out a plastic filling is finished, connect the pipe for that pipe fittings, add rubber pads relating to the flanges with the connection process, and tighten for that sealed condition when tightening the bolts.


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