Sleep Guidelines and Best Mattresses for Kids by Age 


You already know sleep improves focus, behaviour, learning and health. Insufficiency of it will cause obesity, diabetes, depression, suicide attempts and accidents. If you are worried about your children not sleeping well, then in light of the moment, this article will guide you in getting them enough ZZZs.

There are sleeping guidelines for kids based on their age.

  • Babies ageing from 4 to 12 months must have a sleep of 12 to 16 hours.
  • 1 to 2 year old’s should sleep 11 to 14 hours.
  • 3 to 5-year-old’s must sleep 10 to 13 hours at night.
  • 6 to 12 year old’s need 9 to 12 hours of sleep.
  • 13 to 18 eighteen must rest for 8 to 10 hours.

To make sure your kid is sleeping best, you first need to consider the mattress. The baby sleeps on a crib mattress that comes in standard size and firmness. When the kids reach the age of two or three, they sleep on a standard bed. The typical dimensions of mattresses used are the twin, twin XL, full, and full XL. Besides sizes, there are types of mattresses.

Plush has a thick top-cushioning layer without support. It is the mattress that makes your child feel comfortable. They offer a pillow-top feel, and for side sleepers, a plush bed is a right choice.

Firm mattresses give a floating feeling. It is stable in reality. Kids transferring from cribs to bed with a firm mattress enjoy it. The kids sleeping on their stomach will like a firm surface that keeps their spine in proper alignment. Also, preventing their back from not bending much.

Now is the mattress support that comes in types made from the latest technology. The mattress comes in custom fittings, where it will relax the muscles and put the kid to sleep with neutral spine alignment. The types of mattresses are.

  • The innerspring mattress has tempered steel that locks in a coil shape, giving increased comfort and longevity. The older innerspring are widely used, offering in-line body support.
  • The individual coil mattress, also called the pocketed or marshal coils, are wrapped inside their pockets. They offer real body comfort and motion separation. It is the next advancement from the innerspring mattress.
  • The memory foam mattress has a formulation of polyurethane foam that offers comfort to everybody’s curve. It gives a comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress is resistant to bacteria, dust mites, fungus, etc. It helps kids with allergies to have a bothersome sleep. Not only for kids, but there are memory foam mattress queen and king size.
  • Latex mattress is a fantastic option that is formed from a layer using Talalay or Dunlop. It gives a weightless feel that stays durable for a long time.
  • Crib Mattress is pretty standard and firm, suitable for three years old.

Upon learning about the sleeping guidelines and the best mattresses for kids by age, you know what will fancy your little one. The price factor is present, but the important thing is it will make your children sleep and grow well.

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