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With the recent release of the CCC’s provisional guidelines for evaluation of a new regulation, the effects of covid-19 on sports betting in Kenya seem to be fading slowly but steadily. As opposed to the domino effect that may be expected following the adoption of this regulation by the Kenya government, the CCC’s guidelines for evaluating the impact of this law will not change the way bookmakers evaluate teams and players in their pool games. However, the new CCC guidelines for evaluation will serve as a basis for future evaluations of how the government regulates sports gambling in Kenya.

According to the CCC, it was the recommendation of the World Professional Billing Association that Kenya withdraw from the FIFA World Cup due to the controversial amendments to the previous laws that govern the provision of sports gambling. The government had proposed that the new regulatory measure, which included a stipulation that all teams participating in the FIFA World Cup qualify through a points system based on wins and losses, should be included in the FIFA statutes. But the WPA, which represents professional sport leagues around the world, rejected this proposal, and instead suggested that the Kenya government should develop its own sport gambling regulations that are consistent with the current standards in place with regard to sport gambling around the world. The Kenyan government responded by reiterating that it will introduce a bill that will amend the existing statute and provide for a points system for qualification for the FIFA World Cup.

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Sports events calendar in 2021 [INFOGRAPHIC]


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