The Perfect Options for Niagara Falls for Your Best Experience


While visiting Niagara Falls, you need to know from where to sleep to what to visit, itinerary and what to know before arriving. There are so many ways to reach Niagara Falls. There are those who arrive by flight from New York, those by car from Toronto or those still by bus.Whichever way you arrive, the Falls are there and we want to visit them at their best. As you will set out with the Niagara Falls Limo Service you will need to know the best for the place.

The US side of Niagara falls and the flowers

When you book a tour, we don’t need much information, everything is already planned. Most tours that depart from Toronto or New York sell out within the day. The tour is more or less the same: you pass through the city of Niagara on the Lake, then stop at the Falls, walk to the Butterfly Museum and return.

But when we plan the trip on our own, there is some information and curiosity that can be useful to better organize the trip to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls: useful information and curiosities

Where to sleep

There are many accommodations, ranging from hotels to rooms for rent. Hotels on the US side cost less than the Canadian one. If you stay just one or two nights, it is better to opt for an accommodation near the falls, it will cost a little more but you will save in terms of time and transport.

On the Canadian side you will find many rooms for rent in beautiful Victorian houses. And this is the choice that I recommend. Staying in these villas located along the river feels like being the protagonist of a movie. Among the many areas, one of the best to look for B &Bs is along the River Road, both because you can reach the falls on foot, and because the passes.

We stayed in this beautiful house, a few steps from the Falls, with an equipped kitchen and a hyper-technological bathroom, but above all with a magnificent terrace.

What to see at Niagara Falls

as mentioned above, Niagara Falls are not very big, so you can easily visit them on foot. But get yourself a nice pair of comfortable shoes, because 20 kilometers are easily done. I am attaching my itinerary, so as to have an idea of ​​where the most beautiful areas are located

Goat island, or the small island on the US side. Thefirst stop is at Terrapin Point, then at the Nikola Tesla Monument and finally at the American Falls Viewing Area. You can also take a little train that, with 3 usd each, will take you from one part of the oldest American State Park to the other (Niagara Falls State Park in the USA dates back to 1885).

Take a tour in the city center , with the Believe or Not Museum , the house upside down, King Kong   and a thousand other “stupid” things that are absolutely worth seeing (from outside) at least once in your life and especially in the evening. All these would be in store for you.

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