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Myths are common in online casinos. This is mainly due to its popularity because of games like slots, poker, bandarqq, and many more that people start believing something which is not sure or is still not proven. There are many myths regarding online casinos and we have tried to find the reason behind such myths and tell the truth behind such myths. By the end of this article, all your doubts regarding common casino myths will be cleared.

Casino Games are rigged

Online casinos do not rig any games as they have no control over the outcome of their games. The myth of rigged games is common because of the best in casino games which are designed in such a way that it favors the casino in the long run. This is, by no means, rigged games. Every player who decides to play in an online casino is aware of the best of the game and makes an informed decision of playing in the casino. Also, many players cannot win the games in casinos and end up spread such myths.

Casino games are all about luck

Luck is an important aspect of casino games. It is so critical that you will find a broad classification of luck-based games. Every game in a casino requires luck. Card games require you to be lucky so that you get a good hand. The same with other games like bandarqq. These games also require skills and strategies but you cannot put aside the luck factor. Therefore, you need to be lucky to win in casino games but luck doesn’t have the final say in all of the casino games.

Past Results determine your future results

All games in online casinos are distributed by automated dealers which use algorithms to generate random numbers. These algorithms work in certain ways which are not even known by the casino members as well. These random generators ensure that the results are independent of any other results or event. In every round, the chances of winning remain the same without considering the win of a certain person or any other cases. Even if you observe any patterns in the outcomes, it may be a mere coincidence and that is not something to be taken seriously. If you haven’t won a few games, there is absolutely no surety that you will win the next few games.


These are some myths that every player has come across. You may even find similar myths in different games such as bandarqq.

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