Thinking of hiring an AC Repairer on Contract? Prepare these 4 questions!


If your AC has stopped functioning, you cannot afford to give it to a DIY expert, can you? Not if you know the cost you have spent in owning one. In hotter regions, one needs an AC 24 hours. You cannot think of surviving your business without functioning AC systems in your premises. 

Once you know the process of hiring repair services, everything else seems like a piece of cake. Refer to this article if you are confused of what to ask your AC technician during his visit or during the interview before hiring them.

Hiring an AC Repairer on Contract? Prepare these 4 questions:

  • Show your qualification degree.

Hiring someone without knowing his qualification would be a blunder. You must check for their qualification especially when you see the need of regular maintenance for your AC unit. It is obvious that such expensive system cannot be handed over to an inexperienced person. 

  • Do you have the license to perform the services?

Ask from your AC technician if they have a valid license to perform. It is important as that shows they have completed all the tests that are mandate for a technician before practising the various AC services. 

  • Do you have a positive report of your previous clients?

Confirm if they would be comfortable to share some of the positive reports of their previous works. If there are clients who he has handled in the past, they must have shared their feedback report. Regardless of negative or positive report, you would know that he has handled cases in the past and how. 

  • Will you be available 24/7?

This is a very important question to know if they would be available during emergency crisis too. Bad weather, system breakdown, non-functional AC, sudden breakdown of the AC parts are few scenarios when you need an AC technician available for you. If they are not available for you at the time of emergency or urgency, it is no point in hiring them on contract.

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