Vacuum Ovens for Lab Purposes: What to Look for?


Finding the right type of oven for your lab purposes can be very challenging as they come in all shapes and sizes, and maintaining a uniform temperature throughout heating procedures is a must. The need for specialization has led to abundant availability of many different models, thus getting confused when trying to figure out the perfect one is pretty common. So the following points will help you find the perfect one as per your needs:

Temperature Requirements

The maximum temperature of a lab oven can range from ambient to many hundreds of degrees Celsius. The type of material you will be using, the amount, required heating levels, and the time required, all play a key role in your selection of an oven. You will have to exclude all the ovens that do not meet your target temperature and also, choosing a very high-temperature oven will cost you more financially and produce larger footprints.

Size and Volume

The size of your material should be your priority while choosing an oven because buying an oven which is larger than what you need is not always the best idea, as it will take more time and energy to reach the target temperature and will take up more space than needed. 

Energy Consumption and Efficiency

Lab ovens can take up a huge consumption of electricity and energy if not regulated properly. The thermal insulation of the doors and walls of the oven should be checked thoroughly as leaking of the generated heat inside the oven can waste energy and raise the bill.

Heating Uniformity

The heating uniformity of an oven is a must to check while buying one as this is a critical aspect of the accuracy of the oven and its heating action. Look for certified test results of the product and if not, then ask for a demonstration on the heating uniformity.

Safety and Reliability

All the units of the oven from the material to its thermal and control units must and should be certified with trust certificates of compliance with internationally recognized and accepted codes and standards. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning an oven can prove to be tough if not considered at the moment of buying. Removable trays, wide-opening doors, and easy access to the compartments are to look for.

In this regard, LeDab vacuum ovens ensure that equipment safety is maintained while keeping the laboratory operations and ambience under control.

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